Why Conformity Assessment

Our main clients are manufacturers, suppliers or traders who export to counties with conformity assessment programmes in place where quality verification of goods prior to shipment is a major requirement. Such measures are designed to help control product quality and quantity hence facilitates compliance to relevant standards and/or regulatory requirements within the country and across regional markets, thus enabling trade facilitation for Governments and trading communities. Indeed, conformity assessments such as the PVOC programme, help reduce product risks, curb counterfeits and ensures health, safety and environmental protection, thereby addressing the increasing challenge to control legitimate trade and facilitation of fair trade.

What We Serve

How we go about our business

PVQS is an independent inspection agency and has been established to cater for the needs of third party inspection. It operates a comprehensive management system and an effective Quality Policy which ensures high standards of service delivery and safety of its personnel at all times. The inspection services are provided according to proven methods based on approved set guidelines.

Goods found to comply with the specifications/standards are issued with a Certificate of conformity (CoC) and those which fail to meet the specifications/standard, are served with a non- conformity report (NCR). The certification decision is basically made by a technical team which evaluates the inspector’s report before recommending the same to the Technical Manager.

Measures taken by on Non-conforming products

In cases where an NCR is issued, PVQS inspectors make the necessary follow up with the client giving advice not to ship the goods until remedial actions have been taken by addressing the root course of the source of the non-conformity. This assists the client avoid future non-compliance encounters. This information and the action taken is available to the contractor on the dedicated portal.

Conflict of Interest

PVQS and its personnel do not engage in activities that may cause conflict with it’s operation. Staff are forbidden to engage in any practices that may lead to conflict with their independence of judgment and integrity in relation to their inspection activities. It is a requirement of the company that all it’s staff sign an undertaking to uphold impartiality and independence.

Incorporation of security features in the CoC

The company has also put in place the necessary measures to safe guard the integrity of certificates (CoC) it issues by issuing Electronic certificate (E-certicate). This E-certificate is forwarded to the client and the contractor. Thus for any clearing process, the contractor or its agents will already be in possession (in their system), the original certificate. Our ICT system is also integratable with Other systems. This facilitates the contracting government agencies to receive electronic document/data and also access our system for CoC verification and more related information.